Sunday, August 12, 2012

My official debut... and many faces of mine!

Now it's high time to write something on my official debut! A moment that I've been waiting for for over 13 years... In 1966 artists working on Looney Tunes comics decided to give Bugs Bunny a girlfriend. They wanted to use me, however, when they saw my comic story from 1953 they said I looked too outdated. The way I looked was characteristic for female characters from 1940's and early 1950's. They needed to change my visual appearance... They changed almost everything. Now I was a yellow or pale tan girl bunny, with blonde hair, dressed up like a student. My eyes were a little bigger and much rounder than those of Bugs. I looked much like today's Lola Bunny, and in fact Lola Bunny is an updated version of me from that time. So, ladies and gentlemen, a cover of my debut comic book! Yaaaaay!
And some model sheet that was used in comic stories :)
But that was only one version of me, and in this version I was appearing only in comic stories. In merchandise I had at least three different versions that looked totally different from the comic one... let's look.
The models above are those that were the most used. In these versions I appeared in many different products, such as collector's cards added to Wonder Bread...
(I love this card! And yes, it has an error - I have gray head, white hands and yellow legs :D)
...and coloring books. However, there was a third model as well, extremely rare:
Apart from that, artists working for Warner Bros had different visions of my character, too. For example, Tom McKimson (a brother of Robert McKimson, my creator) was drawing me this way:
As you see, in merchandise I was literally a 'multi-faced beast' :D Such situation lasted until late 1980's when Warner Bros. introduced one official model sheet for me that was planned to be used both in comics and in merchandise (and, in the future, in films). This was the most 'Bugs-like' version of me that most of you probably remember. However, though this version of me was widely used in merchandise, in comics I appeared only once (and only on a cover!), not to mention that when I was planned to be put in a movie they decided to update me to Lola Bunny... but I'll describe everything in my next posts.
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