Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's start this blog!

I suppose you remember Lola Bunny from Space Jam, a girlfriend of Bugs Bunny. Recently she appears in much changed version in The Looney Tunes Show.

She first appeared in 1996, right? Right.

But this character has much longer history than most fans of Looney Tunes used to think!

Now you'll be surprised by what I'll say. Lola Bunny is... me! Yes, that's true.

I'm Honey Bunny, a girlfriend of Bugs Bunny. I first appeared in 1953, however, my official debut was in 1966 in a comic story titled 'Showdown at Carrot Gulch'. If you look up Google for this story you'll learn that I looked much like today's Lola. Of course, in merchandise I looked very different, I had various fur colors, different hair dresses, and so on. But in comic version I always appeared as a yellow girl bunny with blonde hair.

And, in fact, Lola Bunny is just a newer version of me. Why?

In 1980's some crazy people at Warner Bros. decided to change my visual appearance in a way that I looked like Bugs' twin sister. When they started working on a full-length movie in 1990's, they wanted to put me in it as Bugs' sweetheart. However, some artist noticed that I look like Bugs in drag so they decided to change my look. They tried to create a 'brand new' character, 'a new and IMPROVED Daisy Lou', however, they failed as the new girl bunny looked more like a teeenage boy...

Eventually, they decided to take comic version of me and to update my visual appearance. They changed my name as well, as 'Honey Bunny' sounded too outdate for them, moreover, in other series and films there appeared other characters having the name of Honey Bunny (remember Honey Bunny from Pulp Fiction?). Among proposals there appeared such names like Daisy Lou, Bunni Bunny, Lola Rabbit and Lola Buni (it's not a mistake!). Eventually, they chose the name of Lola Bunny.

As you see, my life story is quite long. Now I appear as Lola Bunny and most Looney Tunes fans recognize me as such, but very little of you know anything about me before 1996. It's high time to change it. In this blog I'll post some interesting things concerning me, Bugs Bunny, and of course Lola Bunny. Most files I have are 'TOP SECRET', however, I'm going to share some more interesting part of my archives with you... :)
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