Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The very beginning...

This is what I looked like in 1953. I was a small white bunny, I had a blue bow on my head and I was dressed up with short blue dress with white spots. I've been created by Robert McKimson, the famous animator and director who created a model sheet of Bugs Bunny that was used through many decades.

In this prototypical version I appeared only once, in a comic story titled 'Honey Bunny', printed in one of the series of comic books titled 'Bugs Bunny's Album' telling stories of Bugs Bunny's descendants and relatives. This time I've been presented as Bugs' cousin, not a girlfriend. Although the story is quite short, you could learn much about me from it. I was a dreamer who dreamt about career of a famous African explorer hunting for elephants. I was quite credulous, I got myself caught in a joke by Bugs who introduced me "into the wild world of Africa" and between elephants... at the back of a circus. However, there appeared a man who helped me make my dreams come true and me and Bugs travelled to Africa. However, soon I realized I aimed too high... I was afraid of mice, not mentioning elephants! But the whole story has happy ending.

You may read this story on my website. There I have a whole gallery in which everything I have with me, including most of my comic stories that were published. However, I'm still looking for some stories I know to exist that I don't have in my collection.
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