Friday, August 24, 2012

The 'Bugs-like' Honey Bunny era

Okay, I already discussed what was in 1960's and 1970's, now it's high time to write something about what happened to me in 1980's and 1990's.
In 1980 Warner Bros. sent to their franchisees a model sheet you see above. Some crazy artists decided to change my visual appearance in a way that I looked more like Bugs Bunny. Perhaps they just wanted to copy Disney's idea that a girlfriend of a furry character should look like 'more beautiful' copy of himself. Gray fur, standing ears... through the years I looked more and more like Bugs Bunny. Here are some model sheets from late 1980's and early 1990's.
An interesting thing is that in comics I was still appearing in my old yellow version and it was just a winter 1991 when I appeared in 'Bugs-like' version, but... only on a cover...
In Six Flags Amusement Parks I appeared in two versions, with floppy ears and a bow on my head and with standing ears.

Left: Great America Santa Clara, 1982, right: Six Flags Over Texas, 1986

Six Flags Astroworld, date not given :(

'Bourbon Street Follies', Six Flags Over Texas, 1988-1989. Here I appear along with my two sisters, Sugar Bunny and Candy Bunny
There came 1990's... and Warner Bros. finally decided to use me in a full-length movie! However, artists stated that I looked too much like Bugs in drag and they decided to change my appearance. For some reasons, they wanted to change my name, too. But... I'll describe it in my next posts :) Stay tooned, I'll post some 'top secret' 'Space Jam' files, too!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Something for my old fans. Wanna go to Six Flags? :)

Today I'd like to share with you something that is extremely rare and very interesting. Especially interesting for those of you who like to go to and have fun in Six Flags Amusement Parks :) These are few old maps I've recently found. On three of them you can see me in the top left corner.

Six Flags Great America, 1988

Six Flags Great America, 1991
And the map that is the most important for me...

Six Flags Great Adventure, 1987
Why is this map so important for me? Because in Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in Bugs Bunny Land there was an object called Honey Bunny Hut! And, for this moment, that's everything I know about that... now I'm looking for any information concerning this object. Anything like a photo, description of what was there, etc. would make me happy. If you have any information or just anything related to Honey Bunny Hut, feel free to share it in comments :) I have other maps, too.

Six Flags Great America, 1986

Friday, August 17, 2012

Become a detective! Help me finding my comic stories :D

Dear fans, as you know, in my gallery there's a category that contains comic stories (click here). Most of stories with me are available there.

However, my gallery still lacks some comic stories and activity pages so I would be very pleased if you help me finding them :)

At the moment I'm looking for the following things:
- The Orbit Bit - a comic story printed in Bugs Bunny #114 (1968)
- The Dragon-skin Rug - a comic story printed in Bugs Bunny #118 (1968)
- The Runaround - a comic story printed in Bugs Bunny #241 (1982) - apparently the last comic story which I appeared in
- Jumbled Jewelry - a comic story printed in Golden Comics Digest #1 (1969)
- The Creepy Hand - a comic story printed in Golden Comics Digest #17 (1971)
- Mooch ado about nothing - a comic story printed in Daffy Duck #97 (1975)
- Honey Bunny Cruising Crossword Puzzle - an activity page printed in Golden Comics Digest #6 (1969)
- Wall Art - an activity page printed in Golden Comics Digest #10 (1970)

As you see, still much to find... if you help me finding any of the abovementioned things I'll create a 'Friends' page and place your nick there :D

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Honey Bunny in The Looney Tunes Show?

Strange information appeared on my page at it can be fake because it is extremely ungrammatical, but who knows...

'The Looney Tunes Show in this season Honey Bunny is the (voice of Dannah Phirman) also Toddler voice unlike WordGirl with the extra Bugs Bunny's new girlfriend'

Me in The Looney Tunes Show? o.O

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My official debut... and many faces of mine!

Now it's high time to write something on my official debut! A moment that I've been waiting for for over 13 years... In 1966 artists working on Looney Tunes comics decided to give Bugs Bunny a girlfriend. They wanted to use me, however, when they saw my comic story from 1953 they said I looked too outdated. The way I looked was characteristic for female characters from 1940's and early 1950's. They needed to change my visual appearance... They changed almost everything. Now I was a yellow or pale tan girl bunny, with blonde hair, dressed up like a student. My eyes were a little bigger and much rounder than those of Bugs. I looked much like today's Lola Bunny, and in fact Lola Bunny is an updated version of me from that time. So, ladies and gentlemen, a cover of my debut comic book! Yaaaaay!
And some model sheet that was used in comic stories :)
But that was only one version of me, and in this version I was appearing only in comic stories. In merchandise I had at least three different versions that looked totally different from the comic one... let's look.
The models above are those that were the most used. In these versions I appeared in many different products, such as collector's cards added to Wonder Bread...
(I love this card! And yes, it has an error - I have gray head, white hands and yellow legs :D)
...and coloring books. However, there was a third model as well, extremely rare:
Apart from that, artists working for Warner Bros had different visions of my character, too. For example, Tom McKimson (a brother of Robert McKimson, my creator) was drawing me this way:
As you see, in merchandise I was literally a 'multi-faced beast' :D Such situation lasted until late 1980's when Warner Bros. introduced one official model sheet for me that was planned to be used both in comics and in merchandise (and, in the future, in films). This was the most 'Bugs-like' version of me that most of you probably remember. However, though this version of me was widely used in merchandise, in comics I appeared only once (and only on a cover!), not to mention that when I was planned to be put in a movie they decided to update me to Lola Bunny... but I'll describe everything in my next posts.
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